Australia is the only first world country where trachoma, an infectious eye disease that can be prevented with good hygiene practices, still exists within our Indigenous communities. Together let’s eradicate trachoma so that all our Indigenous people can see a future.

End Trachoma by 2020 

Australia is the world's last developed country where this infectious eye disease still persists. It exists in communities where there is overcrowding, poor hygiene and sanitation.

We work with affected and at-risk communities to support improved facial cleanliness and environmental improvements.

How we help. Many different and simple way. We have

  • Provided mirrors, an important Tool for self-pride and self-care, to over 1,300 remote homes;
  • Funded pilot programs for hygiene in schools, water saving taps and portable washing machines;
  • Supported the innovation and development of important water infrastructure suitable for remote communities.
  • Designed a mobile face washing station to be used by indigenous children in remote communities. The face-washing stations are mounted on a trailer that are deployed in Indigenous Communities in Central Australia.

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