The Challenge

ROMP is a major multi club Rotary effort led by RC Camberwell. The ROMP multi-year project – this is the second year - builds upon the club’s twenty plus years of engagement with Myeloma Australia (MA) in support of their vision for “a world without myeloma”.

Myeloma, also called Multiple Myeloma – and never to be confused with melanoma - is a type of blood cancer that has no cure. There are close to one thousand people in regional Victoria who are living with myeloma. The disease deeply touches the lives of many others to build a community of patients, medical professionals, carers, family and friends that number several thousand. 

ROMP is a low cost, decentralised, hands on, high result Rotary program. Rotary clubs are influential and well connected in their areas. The ROMP case is compelling and easily communicated to community leaders. There is little or no cost and the local benefits are significant.

A particular bonus is the fellowship gained between many engaged clubs, the significant promotion of the Rotary brand and the promotion of SERVICE ABOVE SELF. 

The Solution:

The ROMP program has a single aim. Through Rotary Club support, influence and contacts in regional areas to support the work of MA in facilitating the establishment of myeloma support groups in selected Victorian country regions.

The ROMP service delivery model recognises the prohibitive costs of applying the traditional MA model which places a qualified myeloma nurse in each support group meeting.  In place of the high cost model ROMP will provide the nurse presence through the application of video conferencing technology.

The ROMP program is low cost and high value. Once support groups are firmly established in the regions with Rotary support the new groups will be sustained by MA. It is reasoned that 8 -10 new groups will redress the support group imbalance. Country patients will not be alone. The sketch map provided illustrates the target zones.

ROMP is now a major project of RC Camberwell Community Service to mark the centenary of Rotary in 2021

Program Update

At a ZOOM meeting on Tuesday 4th August, representatives from five Rotary Clubs – Horsham, Horsham East, Nhill, Warracknabeal and Camberwell- gathered at their computer screens to consider the next step to deliver upon the ROMPmission in the Wimmera region.

We have formally established together the Wimmera ROMP leadership team. Our committee is now able to progressively resource our myeloma outreach program for the Wimmera geographic region. 


The RC Camberwell “ROMP leadership team:– 

  • Chair: Don Jago OAM; PDG; PP; PRRFC; PHF
  • Peter Allen OAM; PP; PHF 
  • Adrian Campbell PHF
  • Lyndon Joss PP; PHF


Myeloma Australia    



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Proposed Myeloma Support Centres for Regional Victoria