Let’s honour the new projects that have become Centenary Rotary Projects. Projects endorsed by Rotary/Rotaract Clubs, Clusters, Districts, Fellowship Groups or Rotary Action Groups as signature projects that

  1. Address a real community need
  2. propel us into the next century of community service.
  3. energise members
  4. provide a magnet for new members
  5. find new partners
  6. raise our profile
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  1. Project Name
    The Challenge
    The Solution
  2. In parts of the Pacific, nearly 1 in 16 children die before their 5th birthday. We're going to stop that!
    Immunise 100,000 of the most disadvantaged children across the Pacific in 4 years. Across 9 Pacific nations, we will help introduce 3 lifesaving vaccinations to prevent diseases like cervical cancer, severe diarrhoea, pneumonia, blood infection and meningitis.
    Rotary Clubs of Auckland, Wellington, Sydney & Melbourne
  3. ROMP is a major multi club Rotary effort led by RC Camberwell. The ROMP multi-year project builds on 20+ years of engagement with Myeloma Australia. Currently patients rely on specialist nurses visiting them to answer questions and provide both emotional and physical support. Remoteness and the limited number of specialist nurses means large travel times with patients either waiting or missing out. Additionally, many patients feel sensitive about their condition and may not seek support.
    To provide remote contact with specialist Myleoma nurses through the use of ZOOM technology. The immediate aim is to have ZOOM technology installed in rural cancer centres to enable the specialist nurse to contact multiple patients as a conference call in the cancer centre conference room. This would occur on a regular (Monthly?) basis with individual follow ups. The ultimate aim is to have the patients 'tune in' to a ZOOM conference from their own home.
    The “ROMP leadership team – Peter Allen, Adrian Campbell, Don Jago, Lyndon Joss.
    RC Horsham, RC Horsham East, RC Sheparton and others progressively Myeloma Australia Rural Cancer Centres
  4. The playground at beautiful Yarra Bank Reserve Hawthorn is aging and in consequence, undertilised. The site has great potential for family entertainment and has historical significance. It is the site of two trees sacred to the local indigenous community and was the site of the original Glen's Ferrry, which ferried passengers across the river between Richmond and Hawthorn.
    Four Rotary clubs have combined with the City of Boroondara to build an all-abilities playground at Yarra Bank Reserve, which will include a major novelty Rotary themed central attraction, to make the park a destination playground. Work will commence in April 2020 and the park will be completed in the first quarter of 2021
    The Rotary Club of Glenferrie, with the project led by PP Don Moore.
    The Rotary Club of Camberwell, The Rotary Club of Canterbury, Rotary Hawthorn, The City of Boroondara, Agency of Sculpture.
  5. Enter Car #1951 in the Variety Childrens Bash. The Goal: 1. Have 100 Rotary Clubs across Australia sponsor a Rotary logo with RC names and Charter year, so the vehicle is completely covered with a target of 100 Rotary wheels, to celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Australia. 2. Raise funds for Variety Childrens Foundation to cover the required vehicle entry contribution of $8,500. The Aim: Create attention, promote awareness of Rotary and attract potential new members into Rotary.
    A Caboolture Rotarian has purchased the vehicle (as the owner, insurer and patron - for expenses incurred) and is project leader to manage the build and upgrade of it to Bash standard and then attract sponsors, towards both the vehicle costs and for the Bash contribution.
    Rtn PP Peter Brown PHF
    Caboolture Club Rotarians
  6. Breaking the Intergenerational Cycle Of Family Domestic Violence.
    Mobilizes the organizational capacity of Rotary and its members to support agencies and services that provide safety and empowerment to people escaping Domestic and Family Violence (DFV).
    Rotary Club of Perth, Rebecca Tolstoy AM John Garland AM Stephen Inouye Brendan Watson CPA
    The Salvation Army
  7. Challenge is for Rotarians to understand and acknowledge that family violence and elder abuse is occurring daily across all neighbourhoods and country. For Rotarians to take some responsibility and become informed and able to identify this abuse and know how to refer and get support for the abused.
    Rotary Safe Families Program includes two films: Family Violence, Impact on Children, and Elder Abuse. If every Rotarian via their club meeting or privately, viewed these films containing powerful messages on identifying, being informed and how to find appropriate referral for a victim, they would assist in PREVENTION of abuse. Films, Manual and Toolkit supported by Police, Support Organisations, and Government. Let's take some responsibility and be informed how to make a difference.
    Rotary Melbourne, Rotary 100 Year Celebratory Project, created by Dorothy Gilmour and PP Mary Barry. V
    Victoria Police, Commissioner for Seniors, Seniors Rights Victoria, Our Watch. Rotary Districts in Australia and Uganda/Tanzania. Queensland Law Society
  8. To reduce trachoma in WA by improving the hygiene conditions in trachoma endemic communities.
    To provide 10000 Indigenous people with their own personal towel, partnering with #endingtrachoma in WA, to distribute the towels specifically to the trachoma endemic communities.
    Lien Trinh, EndTrachoma by 2020 Project Manager
    Linen House
  9. To eliminate trachoma by providing hygiene kits as a tool to a healthy outcome.
    Rotary Clubs and community organisations including schools, are coming together across Australia to provide 1000 hygiene kits for 1000 Indigenous people in various trachoma affected regions.
    PDG Ian Dyball - District 9650 Sally Dell - District 9820
    NSW, Victoria and Tasmania to date are all making kits
  10. YSA is a major multi club project established in 1996 by the Rotary Club of Brighton North and supported since by 27 Rotary Clubs throughout Victoria. It followed an alarming spike in the incidence of youth suicide in the Western world. YSA has operated continuously as a District 9800 project (1997-2012), or a District Supported Community Service project (2013-2020). The CHALLENGE is to reduce the incidence of youth suicide.
    To establish scholarships for professionals who work with at-risk young people. Suitable candidates are awarded one-year or two year funding to complete a Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health at the University of Melbourne. Current research suggests there is a huge need to ensure professionals are equipped to deal with contemporary complexities of adolescence. The Covid-19 pandemic will only exacerbate the mental health issues that our young people experience.
    Members of the Rotary Club of Brighton North with leadership team: Phil Wheatley, Gerry Lambourne, Linn Maskell, Peter Killey and John Blangiardo.
    1. All Rotary Clubs wherever they may be. 2. The University of Melbourne 3. The Centre for Adolescent Health 4. The Royal Children's Hospital.
  11. Following on from Clutha District Council's 2017 community plan, upgrade of environment and facilities at 2 local parks for community use
    Rotary Balclutha being one of the community groups involved in the wider project as it unfolds
    Clutha District Council, Naish Park Coordinating Group
    Local businesses, individuals and community groups
  12. Summer and winter in the Blue Mountains in NSW has people living in their cars and in the bush who need support in terms of mental health, social services, protection from domestic violence, job loss and many other circumstances. There are limited resources here to assist these people get back onto their feet and become community members again.
    Upper Blue Mountains Sunrise Rotary Club in conjunction with Wentworth Community Housing, plan on establishing a village equipped with Tiny Homes and a community centre for housing and supporting Homeless people. Included will be a full range of support services for the occupants, provided by Wentworth Community Housing to get them back on their feet whether in 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years.
    Paul Campbell, President UBMS Phill Isaacs, Director of International and Foundation, UBMS
    Wentworth Community Housing
  13. Melvin Gray, President of the Rotary Club of Blacktown City D 9675 to ride a Static Bike for 24 hours non-stop using links via ZOOM and Zwift to engage Rotarians and non Rotarians throughout every District in Australia to join in for as long or as short as they wish. The purpose is to raise awareness into mental health problems and also raise funds towards Australian Rotary Health. The record attempt has been sanctioned by CEO Joy Gillett and accepted as a Project of ARH.
    I will ride the bike solely but with support from others either being able to walk, run, ride, swim, any form of activity during any stage and for as long or as short as people like during the 24 hours from 9.00am on Friday 9th April to 9.00am Saturday 10th April 2021. As an aside I have two artificial knees, two artificial ankles and an artificial right wrist, hopefully giving Rotarians the opportunity to see just how someone like myself will attempt to accomplish the event.
    PDG Dick White, OAM, R. C. of Blacktown City, whitard@ozemail.com.au PDG Paul Reid, R. C. of Blacktown City, reid_family@bigpond.com Keith Waller, R. C. of Blacktown City, keith.waller@optusnet.com.au
    Rotary Club of Blacktown City Australian Rotary Health Blacktown City Council NSW 2148. Doing the official launch on Australia Day at Blacktown City Blackmans Bicycles