Let’s honour the new projects that have become Centenary Rotary Projects. Projects endorsed by Rotary/Rotaract Clubs, Clusters, Districts, Fellowship Groups or Rotary Action Groups as signature projects that

  1. Address a real community need
  2. propel us into the next century of community service.
  3. energise members
  4. provide a magnet for new members
  5. find new partners
  6. raise our profile
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  1. Project Name
    The Chalenge
    The Solution
  2. Rotary Give Every Child a Future
    In parts of the Pacific, nearly 1 in 16 children die before their 5th birthday. We're going to stop that!
    Immunise 100,000 of the most disadvantaged children across the Pacific in 4 years. Across 9 Pacific nations, we will help introduce 3 lifesaving vaccinations to prevent diseases like cervical cancer, severe diarrhoea, pneumonia, blood infection and meningitis.
    Rotary Clubs of Auckland, Wellington, Sydney & Melbourne