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NameLet the Pedals Lift the Lid
Project NameLet the Pedals Lift the Lid
The ChallengeMelvin Gray, President of the Rotary Club of Blacktown City D 9675 to ride a Static Bike for 24 hours non-stop using links via ZOOM and Zwift to engage Rotarians and non Rotarians throughout every District in Australia to join in for as long or as short as they wish. The purpose is to raise awareness into mental health problems and also raise funds towards Australian Rotary Health. The record attempt has been sanctioned by CEO Joy Gillett and accepted as a Project of ARH.
The SolutionI will ride the bike solely but with support from others either being able to walk, run, ride, swim, any form of activity during any stage and for as long or as short as people like during the 24 hours from 9.00am on Friday 9th April to 9.00am Saturday 10th April 2021. As an aside I have two artificial knees, two artificial ankles and an artificial right wrist, hopefully giving Rotarians the opportunity to see just how someone like myself will attempt to accomplish the event.
LeadersPDG Dick White, OAM, R. C. of Blacktown City, PDG Paul Reid, R. C. of Blacktown City, Keith Waller, R. C. of Blacktown City,
PartnersRotary Club of Blacktown City Australian Rotary Health Blacktown City Council NSW 2148. Doing the official launch on Australia Day at Blacktown City Blackmans Bicycles
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