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NameRotary Outreach Myeloma Project (ROMP)
Project NameRotary Outreach Myeloma Project (ROMP)
The ChallengeROMP is a major multi club Rotary effort led by RC Camberwell. The ROMP multi-year project builds on 20+ years of engagement with Myeloma Australia. Currently patients rely on specialist nurses visiting them to answer questions and provide both emotional and physical support. Remoteness and the limited number of specialist nurses means large travel times with patients either waiting or missing out. Additionally, many patients feel sensitive about their condition and may not seek support.
The SolutionTo provide remote contact with specialist Myleoma nurses through the use of ZOOM technology. The immediate aim is to have ZOOM technology installed in rural cancer centres to enable the specialist nurse to contact multiple patients as a conference call in the cancer centre conference room. This would occur on a regular (Monthly?) basis with individual follow ups. The ultimate aim is to have the patients 'tune in' to a ZOOM conference from their own home.
LeadersThe “ROMP leadership team – Peter Allen, Adrian Campbell, Don Jago, Lyndon Joss.
PartnersRC Horsham, RC Horsham East, RC Sheparton and others progressively Myeloma Australia Rural Cancer Centres
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