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NameVariety Bash Car 1921-Mobile Rotary Billboard
Project NameVariety Bash Car 1921-Mobile Rotary Billboard
The ChallengeEnter Car #1951 in the Variety Childrens Bash. The Goal: 1. Have 100 Rotary Clubs across Australia sponsor a Rotary logo with RC names and Charter year, so the vehicle is completely covered with a target of 100 Rotary wheels, to celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Australia. 2. Raise funds for Variety Childrens Foundation to cover the required vehicle entry contribution of $8,500. The Aim: Create attention, promote awareness of Rotary and attract potential new members into Rotary.
The SolutionA Caboolture Rotarian has purchased the vehicle (as the owner, insurer and patron - for expenses incurred) and is project leader to manage the build and upgrade of it to Bash standard and then attract sponsors, towards both the vehicle costs and for the Bash contribution.
LeadersRtn PP Peter Brown PHF
PartnersCaboolture Club Rotarians
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URL link to more ph. 0410 049 732