We have lots to share with other Rotarians, partners, family, friends and media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Newsletters, Websites are all our friends. Local newspapers and TV are hungry for stories that highlight why a centenary is a special time. To Download what you need, simply right click on the item and "Save As".

  • Articles – publicity and published articles in the media
  • Brand Centre - R100 logo and branding guidelines
  • Flyers – ready made handouts for  variety of projects and activities
  • History Bites – snapshots from the past that define where we have come from
  • News Bites – short sharp summaries of a variety of projects and activities
  • Talking Points & Conversation Starters – helping you at the BBQ and Rotary podium
  • Videos – 1-3 minute vignettes explaining what we are doing and why

To download what you need, Right Click on the item and "Save As".

If you have ideas to share, please use our Contact Us form


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