Rotary History Bite #1/100: Where it all started

The Argus, Melbourne 29th Saturday 26th March 1921:

“Lieut.-Colonel J L Ralston, CMG, DSO, KC, and Mr. James W Davidson are visiting Australia as commissioners for the extension among professional and business men of the ‘Rotary Club’ movement which claims about 80,000 members in Canada, the British Isles and the United States.  The Rotary Club movement had its beginning in 1905 and has for its slogan ‘He profits most who serves best’.  In each club there can only be one representative of each line of business and each profession.  Its aim is to encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and profession.

Ralston and Davidson only met in Los Angeles on their trip to Australia and New Zealand. But from their endeavours, within weeks, the first Rotary meetings were conducted in Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington and Auckland.

From there, our history Down Under began!!