Summary for R100 Project:   Rotary Baton Relay

“Celebrate our past, embrace our future”

The R100 Baton Relay is an event across Australia & New Zealand to celebrate 100 years of Rotary working in our communities. R100 Baton Relay will run throughout Australia, State by State, District by District, Club by Club.

Our vision is to have every club to participate and involve their communities, to bring local colour and culture, to own their celebration of 100 years of Rotary service with the R100 Baton.

Imagine Rotarians, local personalities, Councillors, community leaders, community groups, and everyday people around Australia & New Zealand carrying the baton of service, and passing it forward. Engage schools, community groups, businesses and media – walk, run, wheelchair, skateboard the baton to get the message across.

The R100 Baton Relay provides opportunity to showcase Rotary in your community. Planning a celebration will

  • Actively engage multiple parts of the community 
  • Create opportunities to attract new members
  • Develop community service concepts in young people
  • Build the path for multigenerational clubs

Your event is a fun way to expand your clubs' social network and build healthy and diverse fellowship.