Four Rotary Clubs were chartered "Downunder" in 1921 after a visit from 2 Rotarians from Halifax and Calgary. That's how Rotary started in Melbourne, Wellington, Auckland and Sydney.

The rest is history shared by 38,000 Rotarians across Australia and New Zealand.
It’s a chance to think outside the "square" plus stimulate your own thinking on what might be achieved within your Rotary "neighbourhood". And Connect in special ways.

We can energise members with ground breaking new projects by simply asking the question “What is Your Centenary Project?”

We can provide a magnet for new members by simply asking the question “Do you want to become part of history?”

We can find new partners by simply asking the question “Can we do something special with you in our centenary year?”

We can raise our profile by simply asking media outlets “Do you want to know what we have been doing for the past 100 years? And what new stories we have to tell?”

This is a once in a lifetime chance to make your mark on history.  
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