We are on countdown for the Centenary of Rotary in Australia & New Zealand in 2021

Because of the Centenary, we have:
The 4 Centurion Clubs working together on an International Project: RGEGAF (Melb, Sydney, Wellington & Auckland)
Because of the Centenary, we have:
A National project: End Trachoma
Because of the Centenary, we have:
Melbourne has the RI Convention in 2023
Because of the Centenary:
Every Club can be involved – but the word needs to spread !

The question that can be asked:
What is your Club’s Centenary Project ?

A new Rotary R100 3 minute Countdown Video promotes the opportunity that the Centenary provides. You can have a sneak peek at https://youtu.be/32TmIuuZXmA  or download it in the Resources section of the R100 website https://www.rotary100downunder.com/resources 

It has 3 aims
1. Raise awareness that we share a centenary in 2021 across Australia and New Zealand
2. Engage Rotarians in a number of centenary projects that are already underway
3. Inspire new ideas and projects that Rotarians can sponsor themselves

A communication blitz is underway through a number of channels. A combination of News Bites plus articles that showcase
End Trachoma – spearheaded out of D9800
Rotary Give Every Child a Future – The Zones 7B & 8 international project
Baton Relay – RC Hastings
Safe families – RC Melbourne
Plant 100 Peace Poles – RC Canberra Burleigh Griffin
A Centennial Peace Building Symposium in Melbourne
A gala event for all Rotarians across Australia and NZ
Commemorative stamps and coins highlighting Rotary to all Australians
And more Centenary events and projects that we have not yet heard about 

There is no doubt that excitement is building for the centenary. 

All this is so important for Rotary. 
Our centenary represents a great leadership opportunity to:
Rally Rotarians under a common banner
Create partnerships across Clubs/Districts & with Rotaractors
Reach out to communities with a fresh proposition
Provide a magnet for new members, reach out to alumni and retain existing members
Create Publicity of all the great things we achieve