Connecting Men = Men’s Shed = Men’s Health

Connecting people is part of Rotary’s mission. Men’s Sheds connect folk who need companionship and guidance at their most vulnerable. “Men don’t talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder.”

Left with a deep emotional void after the loss of his wife four years ago, Ron Bowden discovered the perfect respite, a place filled with the whirring of buzz saws, the clanking of wrenches, and the listening ears of a band of brothers: his local men’s shed. An Australian phenomenon, the sheds are communal buildings equipped for light carpentry and other woodworking, bicycle repairs, or leatherwork, where men (women are welcome too) gather to tinker and socialize.

Rotary has helped set up 1000 Men’s Sheds across Australia.  Connecting people

Here the story from Toowoomba. How can you Connect people as a Centenary Project?

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