Inspiration + Teaching = Taking Opportunity by The Horns

Take a mix of disadvantaged indigenous youth with no purpose and the result is not good for anyone.
Take an inspired group of indigenous youth combined with teaching and the result is outstanding for everyone.

Take a look at the transformative power sponsored by RC New Farm partnering with the Shaftesbury Centre and the Wakka Wakka Community to create a Rodeo Academy.

The rules of the Rodeo Academy are simple: no school, no rodeo. It’s a message that teenagers who attend school at Bisley Farm, most of whom have never attended any school regularly, take seriously.
But rules are rules. In order to participate in the school’s weekly Friday night rodeo, students must attend class Monday through Thursday and do all their work, including helping to manage a herd of beef cattle. Perhaps not surprisingly, student attendance and performance have shot up.

What is Your Centenary Project?

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R100 Rodeo Academy