In parts of the Pacific, nearly 1 in 16 children die before their 5th birthday.We’re going to stop that!

Rotarians in Australia and NZ along in collaboration with UNICEF have a bold ambition: to immunise 100,000 of the most disadvantaged children across the Pacific in 4 years.

Across 9 Pacific nations, we will help introduce 3 lifesaving vaccinations to prevent diseases like cervical cancer, severe diarrhoea, pneumonia, blood infection and meningitis.

Rotary’s support will also help sustain the local health system for the sustainable delivery of vaccinations so that future generations will continue to benefit  in the long term. A truly inspiring Rotary legacy. Will this be Your Centenary Legacy Project?



Give Every Child a Future - Baby Ariel

RGECAF Baby Tate


Give Every Child a Future - Baby Tate



Give Every Child a Future. Thank You