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An important aim of this website is to capture and publish content from Rotarians about their centenary events and projects. We have much to be proud about our first 100 years. Now it is time to celebrate and focus the next century of Service Above Self. And it is important that we learn what others are doing so we can all share the celebration and perhaps help others foster new achievements. We should be especially proud of the depth and range of Centenary Honour Board Projects.

But in this day and age, we need some clear and simple protocols for publishing material. In brief, those points are:

  • all content must be approved by a Rotary authority eg Club Board, District Governor
  • the content should clearly relate to a centenary Event or Project
  • any material should only be used for Rotary activity and not personal or commercial gain
  • the 4 Way Test and Rotary ethics apply
  • non complying material may be edited or removed before or after publishing on the Events or Project Honour Board pages
  • all material must be "owned" by a registered user
  • submissions should be brief and concise but can be supplemented by detailed flyers, posters, images, videos etc
  • once submitted, the registered user will be able to identify their item in the Awaiting Approval section - see below
  • it is our aim to publish approved material as quickly as possible
       Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a link and an assigned password. Forgotten passwords can be easily retrieved and sent to the registered email address. If you are not already a registered user, then please register here.

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