Why resize your images

Using large images on the website will cause the web pages to load slowly. 

To reduce the time it takes for a page to load, the best practice is to re-size the images to the smallest practical size. 

Recommended Image Dimensions 

Images for the Home page rotating banner should be made 1280 px wide x 610px high

Images for articles

  • For an image that will be the full width of the article between 850px to  900px wide
  • Half width between 410px to 450px wide
  • One third width between 260px to  300px  

Reduce the File Sizes of Your Images

Not only should the actual pixel width of the image be reduced, it is also recommended that they be compressed.

If you have Photoshop, then you can use the "Save for Web" function. But if you don't have photo processing software, you can use one of these FREE online photo processors:




I thought that the PicMonkey site was quite easy to use.


"Open" to upload your picture

"Crop" to crop it to the vital part that you want to show

"Resize" to adjust the size

"Save" to save it, but use their Quality setting "Roger". (strange quality names, but "Roger" is the best for website use) 

For the other photo processors, choose a setting between 60 to 80 for the quality setting. 

Images for Events 

The "Events" pages use square images. If you are using the process described on the page "Submit an Event", then the system will crop and resize you image for you. You can upload a rectangular image and the system will crop it to square from the center of the image.