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Step1.  Using the form on the right, Enter the Headline. Summary/blurb and Body of your news item.

Step2. On the next screen, upload your image.

Step3. Click the "Link Thumbnail" Button.


Headline:(required) Max: 8-10 words

Header 2: (optional) Appears at the top of the page below the blue bar. 

Byline: (optional) 


Summary/Blurb: (required) 20-50 words

Here's what a good blurb does:

  • It neatly and quickly summarizes the content it points to
  • It promises that the content will provide a benefit or reward to the user
  • It engages the user with an appropriate tone or "voice"

Reference: Begin with the Blurb

Bodycopy: (required) This is the main text of your article. 

Using the Editors: 

Click on the Green Icon edit mode to open the Editor.

Type you copy directly into the editor, or paste only plain text.

(see Use PureText to Copy text )

After you Submit:

Your article will be listed the page "Submit Content" under the heading "News Items for Approval".

It will be automatically submitted to a moderator for approval.  

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