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Step 1. Crop your image to make it square.

Step 2. Enter the Event details. (form at right)

Step 3. Upload your Image. (next Screen)

Step 4. Click the "Link Thumbnail" Button.(next screen)  


Image: The image for Events must be square. (width = height) see "Prepare your Images

Start End date and times:(required)

Check the "at" box to enter the start time.

Check the "runs" box to set the end time.

Use either the "for" to set the duration or the "until" to set the end date and time.

Topic/Name of Event:(required) Max: 8 - 10 words.

Speaker: (required) If there is no "Speaker" enter word(s) relevant to the event. 


Header 2 (optional) Appears at the top of the event detail page below the blue bar

Leader Text (optional) is the first paragraph of the full description. It appears on the event detail page ,below Header 2. 


Full description is the text that appears on the detail page for the event. Click the green icon edit mode to open the editor.

Booking Details:(optional)  

Venue Details: (optional)

After you Submit:

Your event will be listed the page "Submit Content" under the heading "Events awaiting Approval".

It will be automatically submitted  for approval. You will receive a copy of the email.

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