To celebrate the First 100 years of Service, let's reflect on what we do next and create a platform for The Next 100 years of Service!

What’s Your Centenary Project?

Rotarians Think Big. Taking on nation building projects. Tackling community issues.  Accelerating health problems for the disadvantaged. Expanding the horizons of young people. Creating vocational excellence. Helping local communities enjoy local fellowship. You name it, we have done it!

To celebrate the First 100 years of Service, let's reflect on what we do next and create a platform for The Next 100 years of Service!

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Thought Starters

 Rotary helps build nations. 
The story of the East Timor Roofing Company.

The East Timor Roofing Company helped build a war torn economy and fostered peace. And provided facilities for education and clean water. Four of the Areas of Focus for Rotary in one international project delivered by Rotary clubs working together with locals to provide a sustainable outcome.

What will Your Centenary Project look like?

R100-East-Timor-Roofing-Company Thought Starter



Rotary Tackles Homelessness. Saving lives. Saving Money.

Innovation and working on several fronts does make a difference in breaking the cycle. Providing dignity and healthy outcomes. And creating opportunities to participate in society and the workforce. A Rotary effort  with 3 partner agencies delivered better outcomes.
What will Your Centenary Project look like?

R100-Tackling-Homelessness Thought Starter


Rotary Tackles Homelessness. Saving lives. Saving Money


The Power of Social Enterprise to transform lives.

Two billion people do not have access to electricity relying on unsafe, dirty forms of energy. Rotary helps transform lives in Vanuatu by providing a Micro Energy scheme that eliminates expensive and unhealthy energy sources with clean renewable solar lamps. With some surprising results flowing through increased economic prosperity and modern communications.
Sustainable energy. Sustainable prosperity. 

What will Your Centenary Project look like?

R100-Micro-Energy-Thought Starter


R100 Micro Energy


A Hand Up, not a Hand Out to Refugees.

Refugees seek a better life outcome. Rotary kick starts and accelerates that process resulting in better prosperity and better social outcomes for a civil society. Hear the story of one refugee who has made an impact and is now giving back through Rotary. Refugees are also people of Action.

What will Your Centenary Project look like?

R100-Helping-Refugees-Thought Starter


R100 A Hand Up, not a Hand Out to Refugees.


It starts with clean water. It leads to better health for infants.

Lubang Island in the Philippines needed major transformation in the quality and distribution of water so villagers could have something that every human should enjoy; drinking water. And the results were dramatic; elimination of infant mortality. An engineering solution delivered by Australian and Philippines Rotary clubs with our corporate member GHD.  A test case of scale that can be replicated time and time again wherever there is a need.
Can you see a need for Your Centenary Project?

R100-Philippines-WaterProject- Thought Starter


R100 Water


Connecting Men = Men’s Shed = Men’s Health

Connecting people is part of Rotary’s mission. Men’s Sheds connect folk who need companionship and guidance at their most vulnerable. “Men don’t talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder.”

Left with a deep emotional void after the loss of his wife four years ago, Ron Bowden discovered the perfect respite, a place filled with the whirring of buzz saws, the clanking of wrenches, and the listening ears of a band of brothers: his local men’s shed. An Australian phenomenon, the sheds are communal buildings equipped for light carpentry and other woodworking, bicycle repairs, or leatherwork, where men (women are welcome too) gather to tinker and socialize.

Rotary has helped set up 1000 Men’s Sheds across Australia.  Connecting people

Here the story from Toowoomba. How can you Connect people as a Centenary Project?

R100-Mens-Shed-Thought Starter



Inspiration + Teaching = Taking Opportunity by The Horns

Take a mix of disadvantaged indigenous youth with no purpose and the result is not good for anyone.
Take an inspired group of indigenous youth combined with teaching and the result is outstanding for everyone.

Take a look at the transformative power sponsored by RC New Farm partnering with the Shaftesbury Centre and the Wakka Wakka Community to create a Rodeo Academy.

The rules of the Rodeo Academy are simple: no school, no rodeo. It’s a message that teenagers who attend school at Bisley Farm, most of whom have never attended any school regularly, take seriously.
But rules are rules. In order to participate in the school’s weekly Friday night rodeo, students must attend class Monday through Thursday and do all their work, including helping to manage a herd of beef cattle. Perhaps not surprisingly, student attendance and performance have shot up.

What is Your Centenary Project?

R100-Rodeo-Academy Thought Starter


R100 Rodeo Academy